Day 2 – 30 minutes writing

That hollow feeling when you finally complete your coaching program and you realize there is no foundation just a bunch of great processes. What is a landing page, free report and marketing funnel?

backgroundHere we go timer set 30 minutes.  Gina who is responsible for all this activity coached me today and helped me gain some clarity about my experience as a novice coach who is experiencing those hollow feelings that come after the program….Where are the clients going to come from?  What tools do I need to get this off the ground?  I certainly learned the processes however the foundation needs to be built or the roof will not go up.  She gave me support around what the foundation looks like so that I can move forward.  I have to say after my first experience yesterday and having people in my #Finishing Agent group comment on my post empowered me in ways that were unexpected.  I found myself not only reading the feedback, commenting on other’s post and experience and it gave me the permission to move into action to investigate what a landing page is and what a marketing funnel is and what it does.  It is still overwhelming but at least I listened to half the video.  I was amazed at how the simple act of my writing goal tied together with #Finishing Agent process brought about a unique behavior to settle down and investigate landing page and funnel applications.  It was really about the group support and comments, seeing and feeling what other similar “coaches” were capable of doing.  In an unobtrusive way it had this influence over me to go ahead and investigate what I really had so much resistance doing.  (10 minutes – so many fur child interruptions- fur friend over and the boys are being boys) 

Starting over set timer for 20 minutes – So what has my experience been since finishing my coaching program?  I know for sure I want to do group coaching via online presence.  I have struggled with my Niche….today I gained a little more clarity around the foundation.  My Niche market is new coaches coming wrapping up their coaching program and now they have to get down to client attraction.  I have processes I even have a turn key guide for those processes. What I want to do is have a membership site for Coaches to get there all the pieces of the puzzle together.  Sharpen Niche who they want to attract, continue to be coached and get coached weekly to keep coaching skill expanding and growing, the opportunity to coach and be coached from other areas, to work out processes, to have a step by step process / plan to build the back bone foundation behind all those wonderful process.  As I writing I don’t even know what all that entails.  It isn’t even discussed in my coaching training… I didn’t even know what a landing page is, what a funnel is. I know about face book groups as I have had one or several and belong to several.  I ran an on line webjam a couple years ago and nobody signed up.  I ran to 5 week live classes one Level Up and 2 dissolving barriers with 6 participants and got paid.  They were successful all be it not to coaches.  I had my Meditation group to introduce my classes.  It was enough to tell me what I do and don’t want.  I like live groups they are the best.  Next is on line groups and coaching.  

As a new coach starting a on line coaching business I am here today to tell you after finishing my second coaching program.  I HAVE NO LIST.  I HAVE PERSONAL FACE BOOK FOLLOWERS.  I have no free report… I have someone to develop my website but I don’t know what to tell her…What about gathering some data around people like me where to I send it or post it:

Coaches struggling getting exposure on line:

  1. How many courses have you taken
  2. How many of those courses have you completed
  3. How many people are you coaching now?
  4. If not coaching paying clients when was the last time you gave a coaching session?
  5. How often are you being coached?
  6. Have you created your free report or gift
  7. Who is your niche client or group
  8. What type of coaching experience are you going to create
  9. Rate your knowledge from 1 to 10 on these key foundations for your on line presence business
    1. free report
    2. landing page
    3. marketing funnel
    4. web page
    5. face book groups /live
    6. making You tube video
    7. using a service like Zoom
    8. running a webjam
    9. group membership service
    10. automatic billing renewal
    11. drip content

Wow so much stuff you could get buried under this list.  It is crazy.It feels like it takes away from the work of getting down to coaching. If I spend all my time on this it could be a year before I start working with clients.  Then I will back to where I started not having coached anyone and have to start all over.  It seems like a vicious circle.  What about creating the content?  This is the content. My experience coming out of 2 coaching programs full of processes but no foundation.

Oh yeah 26 minutes 4 more minutes…..this is hurts to think about.  I look at this and say I just want to give up it is too much.  I guess this where I start one of those coaching processes I learned like tapping to shift my nervous system from overwhelm to stillness to line up with the best resources and solutions to get it done faster than anyone else and be a leader in my field.  That is one of things that I learned in my coaching class.

How do I feel today:  Not as exuberant as yesterday.  Sobering thinking about all this stuff. I feel lots of resistance because in 4 weeks I need to run a beta finish agent beta group and I don’t know….I JUST DON’T KNOW I DON’T KNOW UGH

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