Day 3 writing on branding

Writing content around branding my services and products…What the heck is that? Where do I start?

Focus of my 30 minutes of writing will be around branding as this is part of my website content that Nikki is asking for:  Ready setting the timer:

Let’s define your brand’s core message. Start by asking yourself some questions like
“Why does the world need my products/services?”, “Why am I meant to provide
these products/services to the world?”, and “Why was I inspired to create these
products/services?”. Try to focus on what your product/service does do, rather than
what competitor products don’t do. This is about you after all. Tell the story of your
brand. What’s the overall message you want to convey?

OMG I don’t like these questions.  I don’t know how to begin.  My Brand?  What Brand? Products and services I am coach , I am Occupational  Therapist . Dr. Pepper senses my stress and wants to soothe me with kissed. Not helping matters.  This is going to be an awful 30 minutes.  Lets start with products maybe:  Lets products services  services products products services services products my nervous system is freezing my brain.  My brain is frozen and Pep barking senses my unrest wants to help. Ok now he is settled restarted the timer. What is the question again?  Products services branding omg I can’t do this my stomach is knots. Nobody wants what I have to offer.  This is painful. Thats not true Lets try this from an Interview style maybe that will relax me:

Polly what do you do what are your products and services:  first lets start with captivate statement:

I show who:  Are you someone who has invested in course after course, modality after modality?  Doing a lot of learning and not enough earning?  Yep that was me investing big money in Coaching programs, learning processes, learning all kinds of modalities Reiki, Aromoatherapy, Meditation, Yoga, MELT the list continues to grow year after year and bank account gets smaller or stagnant.  Hiding behind all these programs to learn enough, to get more knowledge so I could make that big leap to transition out fatigue, burn out, frustration not making enough hitting a glass ceiling. out over taxed health care career.  So I could live the dream, grow passive income stream, not have to work physical and emotionally so hard.  I thought all I had to do was learn this one thing, then another thing, and then another and before you know it I am on a roller coaster  of IT IS NEVER ENOUGH.  

Well I here to show you step by step to SAFELY AND STRATEGICALLY TO get off that roller coaster.  You must be dizzy by now can’t even think how to put it all together to make sense out WHAT TO DO WITH ALL THOSE TOOLS, PROCESSES AND MODALITIES  to turn into YES I AM GOING TO SAY IT EARNING.

Many new Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Healers, Energy workers never get a chance to get their business off the ground.  I am here to show you the things nobody wants to talk about.  The getting down dirty part of overcoming overwhelm around an online presence.

So many colleagues and fellow coaches, healers, Reiki practioners, Mediatation Yoga you name it freeze run and hide when they have to use a computer. Don’t even mention the word Facebook.  Many people just stop right there.  Let alone a website and do I dare say landing pages, marketing funnel.  Ok I just lost you. I went over board.  The fear of using social media, online applications even to take an online class is enough to slam on the breaks.  I worked with people who have spent thousands of dollars to participate in a coaching program that required using all this technology.  She wanted to get her money back she was so overwhelmed with just the course how was she going to set up her business if she didn’t over come this panic?  Ok 30 seconds left not do bad.  Can I get all this to Nikki by Monday July 17th? I don’t think I answered the question but I feel better.





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