Day 4 uh oh

describe products and services, trying to explain one of modalities Energy Meditation

Describe products and services that I provide to the world and why they are unique

I am so tired.  Omg I waited too long.  I made sure I rewarded myself all day long instead of rewarding after.  I put it backwards I guess I am rebelling.  Actually I was very productive and started integrating the small amounts of time for various tasks. Now it is 7:45 in the evening and I have a coach call at 9 so I am feeling time to write now.  Ok where are all those inspired ideas that are supposed to come tired or not, busy or not, good time or not?  My services:  Well lets see products and services products and services; one service could be the Energy Meditation Program I have put together over the last several years lets start there what is it, why is it different and how does it make my coaching different:

ENERGY MEDITATION:  Meditation is a proven mind body tool that allows the creative right brain to have a chance to turn on, light up.  The Left brain gets to have a rest from all the chatter, clatter, to dos, constant dialogue.  When the left brain is given the opportunity for rest and quite the right brain can ignite and start coming up creating, ideas, solutions, possibilities.  It can’t do that under stress or flight or fight.  Meditation allows the mind and body to quite itself and has an overall measurable physical and emotional positive response to bring the body into relaxation.  When the mind and body comes out of flight and fight it can be responsive in whole different way. Everything from interrupting pain singles, lowering blood pressure.

How is this beneficial in coaching and why would you use it? It is funny Meditation is the new Yoga.  It is gaining all kinds of traction and Meditation clubs and classes are popping up in health clubs and yoga studios, and tons of online memberships, audios and downloads.  To answer the question the Energy Meditation I created as anchor to give back to community and build a presence. I honestly didn’t know what I was going to do with it.  However after 3 years it has turned into something quite powerful and has gained recognition in the neighborhood. It was one of the best attended classes offered at our neighborhood branch library.  Ok I diverting from the issue because I am struggling to find the words in the left brain to give it life and context.  To explain in a way that is functional and useful.  Lets try again:

Energy Meditation is one of my key products.  It is also part of one of the membership groups I want to create on line.  It is also a product that I want to be download able.  In its entire form it approximately 45 minutes long.  However each segment can / could be its own mini meditation.  I explain it this way to my class.  What you are practicing in just 2 minutes is shifting the brain out of work, chatter, to dos whatever the brain is distracted with and teaching to shift to a different gear to gain a moment to enter a different space , a different awareness that empowers you to shift from knee jerk reaction to desired responses or behaviors , calmness, not to be a slave to triggers.

As you practice and grow this you become more adept at shifting out of highly triggering situations or events to make key decisions that have the least amount blow back.  As the practice grows you become more and more adept choosing your response, reducing the period of the time you spend getting pulled into overwhelm, battle, struggle, frustration.  Each one of elements of my Energy Meditation can be done in 2-10 minutes.  Why this short period of time?  Well the brain is funny it gets distracted easily and it doesn’t like to engage in mundane repetitive tasks that is assumes the body already knows how to do like breathing.  It gets bored.  It is in cultivating this bored phase that biggest results occur. It is like a muscle it has to be primed, gradually taken on work out.  You can’t go to the gym and lift 50 pounds on the first day if you have never participated in lifting weight program.  It is kind of the same thing.  2 minutes is easy being and you still get results.  Then you can build up.  The brain gets bored easily and wants to go back to the to do list, battles, frustrations what ever it wants to attach to.

This is important when you experience overwhelm, panic, around facing what you want in your business, goal etc..  Oh wow time is up.  I danced around that …continue to work out tomorrow.  I actually feel more energized and I am ready for a coaching session at 9.



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