Day 5 Whew – week 1

My life as an entrepreneur and how I got started my inspiration

What was Your Inspiration:  Ok moving forward with branding questions she wants to know my inspiration my story why is that so hard to talk about. um my inspiration why do this why do you want to work with me who am I again it feels like repetition.  I don’t like this question either it makes me uncomfortable I don’t know how to start so vague.  Why do I  want to coach you?  Why do I want to do this what is my story what is my motivation where to begin.  Blank Blank Blank…ugh

deep breath…here goes diving in.  Here I am I have worked so hard I want to say all my life but that sounds so cliche…But seriously I have been working sometimes multiple jobs really pushing my self.  I have steady work, I have been an entrepreneur many times.  First at 4 selling leprechauns door to door in the neighborhood and coming home with pocket change much to parents chagrin.  Then at age 9 my Dad started me in my first real business going door to door selling greeting cards and wrapping paper.  I guess after the leprechaun experience I was now of age to do it properly.  I was petrified, but excited to do it.  Fearful of rejection he coached me I would carry a big heavy tape recorder in my satchel to record the sales convo we would replay it and study it and prepare for the next rejection.  I have vague memories of it.  But I guess I made some decent money it later helped pay my to NZ.  After that my next venture was my first MLM Beauty for all seasons I was in college needing to make some money to pay for my living expenses.  I sold make up and did colors of success.  It was exciting and fun to conferences get all dressed up and meet the movers and shakers.  I made a little but not enough.  Then it was another MLM for manicures my Mom and I did that together.  That one never got any traction.  After that I was a little discouraged with MLM however several years later that didn’t stop me as I found myself attracted to yet another and never did anything.  I started my cosmetic business from the ground floor .  I formulated all my own products fresh and made to order.  Alot of work 24/7 lots of fun, travel, speaking engagements, and I made some money again not at the level for the work I was putting in.  It took a toll on me and I got sick and had to close the business.  Eventually I went back to OT with some misgivings and feelings of failure.  However that was not entirely true and this is very important.  When I look back at all I did WOW that was not failure just because I didn’t become Estee Lauder.  I did it I got out there I had clients all over the world, I was selling to spas. People spa business wanted what I created.

So what am I conveying here.  When you look at this history who do you see?  You see this young girl starting out early with energy and exuberance to explore her world.  Fearless.  That is still  a part of her yes she has gone through her full share of hardship, emotional upheavals, wins and loses, struggles, and is still here a survivor and hungry to break through the glass ceiling.

What does that mean glass ceiling:  It means that I have reached the top of my career as an Occupational Therapist.  The work is mentally and physically demanding and I am at the top of my pay scale.  There is no way that I can live a fruitful fulfilled life in the next 20 years.  There has to be something bigger better that I can take all my learning and turn it into earning all those classes in modalities and coaching it is time to cash in.  If can do it i can show others how to do it.

Number one fear is to have enough money, health, wellness, mental stamina to live a fulfilled life in the next 30-50 years.  This is a fear or nagging worry for many of us in what ever is left of the middle class.  I don’t have children to look after me.  Like I was able to look after my Mum.  children is no guarantee that they will look after you anyway.

No back to the questions my inspiration for the last 8 minutes:  get really clear:  It is for me I have the skills, experience I am the best one suited to show you how to get out of stagnation, learning and never earning, creating and doing that thing that lines you up with stepping into your business or project and being able to bring it to the market place.  I have done so many businesses, worked in the trenches,I know what is like. I know the frustration, panic, fear that can stop you cold, make you retreat.  I have been there, I am you. I have the map, it has been my journey and together I can show you how to shift into getting paid, earning your value, asking for your value, knowing your value to live fulfilled.  Bring your gifts and talents to others who are desperately waiting for you.

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