week 2 Mon and Tues

Where have I been…Saturday Sunday rest. Monday and Tuesday Binge

Oh wow!  I BINGE wrote a lot yesterday and I did not use the timer.  SHAME!  I made mistakes did not take breaks when I should have and ended up loosing content twice and had to rewrite a 3 rd time to get content off to Nikki.  YUCK

Lesson learned take breaks set the timer avoid binge writing  even during a dead line.

Today I paced myself much better. Used the timer in 30 minute increments took breaks.  I went beyond just my writing content goal.  It motivated me to do a little research on my most desired client so I can write up my sales page and refine my web content. I also found a quote and sent pics to Nikki.  The pics are of me to use as a holding place till I put together the right outfits that go with my market.  I even came up some cool brand names.  I am still going to keep Neuro Shift Advantage as that is my registered  business name.  However my brands can be billed to that.

Maybe you are wondering why I took a break on Saturday and Sunday.  I felt it was good to have a break.  Instead I posted quite a bit to my new Facebook group and went live 4 times. With some participants.  All in all tucking into doing a little writing habit with timer and short segments has really made me more productive.  The writing leads you to unexpected action accomplishing more than you expected.

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