Week 3 falling behind – dialogue brain vs nervous system

Don’t give up. Scale it down. Stay consistent. Get back to it.


What do you do?  Do you give up?  HELL NO!  YOU DOWN SIZE the time making a smaller chunk consistency is the mantra – This is about growing habit and taking action. and the reward is the results and ROI.  What is my ROI great content to build on  for something that I can EARN from the experiences. Look how much writing  I have been doing.  It doesn’t mater if it junk it is a starting place.  It is growing because of consistency A ONE STEP ACTION.  It grows incrementally ( grossly+/- could add up to 150 minutes a week). It doesn’t matter if I wrote 5 or 10 minutes and had to scale it down it all adds up and at the end of the month there is bound to be something  there that can be turned into GOLD.  Not only that but the habit building of 1 step action at a time rolls over into the rest of my work flow and productivity. I become that much more productive in less time across the board.  I could probably save a 2 weeks of work a year.

Yes the next step maybe to schedule the time in my work flow calendar. As if I didn’t think of that before. Too much pressure. I am still a little freedom fighter and battle up against lists, to dos time constraints.  Yes I have trained myself to use them, keep them because in the end they bring me more freedom and less chaos.  But there is a part of nervous system that has to digest and come to the idea on its own. It has to say I can do this without scheduling in.  My smarty brain says no schedule it in dumb ass.  Nervous system says: ” don’t tell me what to do, I can do it how I want”. Brain: “Ok dumb ass….don’t come crying to me when “I told you so”.  Brain “Stubborn bad ass when will she learn and just do it the easy way, she has to make it hard on herself,how long will she do this for?” Before she succumbs to making it a valuable enough to go in the work flow calendar?

Sure I had a few slip ups a few days without posting.  Life happens it gets in the way sort of it made me tired.  I didn’t want to.  Some feelings of guilt because I set up a challenge for myself all in and excited, so determined.  But the reality is things happen, have compassion for self. Get back up and make an adjust grow the mental strength and fortitude without hitting your head against the wall.  Without the self loathing because that gets you no where. Brain ” writing is valuable put in the work flow calendar, along with time for yoga, and Melt and passive brain fitness, meditation posting on FB group that you keep pushing off and filling the time conveniently with time wasters. ”  What are you waiting for?  Look at what you can engage in and how you would feel in your body if you took care of yourself in this way?

Still some resistance but making head way.  The brain is right in this instance.  The big question is why is not considered valuable enough?  Why is other people’s stuff more valued than mine.  Why do I leave myself out of the calendar? topic for another post…

Ok 20 minutes – i forgot to set the timer that is part of assignment.  Idiot – dumb ass – I won’t give up.  Back at it again tomorrow maybe in the calendar.

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