In the Flow – Commitment?

How many commitments do we make and break everyday?

Today flowed so much better and here it is Friday.  I made a conscious effort to to pick and choose from work list and self care list to have a more balanced day.  Here I am ready to write what ever comes to mind.  I did not have a specific project that required writing so here I am on the blank page.  Thinking of a question or awareness that could turn into useful content.

Right now my mind is a bit blank nothing really standing out and just being aware of that.  Breathing into the blank space and seeing what comes up.  Where did all those conversations in my head go as I was thinking about restarting my Dissolving Barriers program again in the Fall.  Um committing to that is a good thing.  I think starting the Tuesday after September 14 .

Commitment now that is an interesting word.  What a about commitment?  What does it mean to you or me.  It means I am taking ownership and responsibility.  It sometimes feels like a burden or heavy in other situations it feels empowering.  How many commitments do we make in a day?  How many do we keep and how many do we let go of?  I am I able to successfully manage my commitments without burnout, fatigue or frustration.  What about commitment to self:  Do I commitment to proper nourishment of body and mind so that it can function at optimum performance? Or do I succumb to the cravings and comfort of the traditional junk food diet.  How does my commitment around nourishment sustain me or jeopardize me?

When I nourish myself with live, real food my mind has the opportunity to be clear and run ( I am going to exaggerate) like a supercomputer better than my desktop and my smart phone.  My body feel energetic and not sluggish.  I am motivated to move and flex body through various activities that feel fun and enjoyable without pain or restriction.  This sounds a little text book.  How would I rate this myself in keeping this commitment?  7/10 and my weakest moments are probably at work as an Occupational Therapist 2x week when comfort snacks abound and when things get stressful it is just so easy to grab for 1, 2, 3, uh oh.  So it means I have to prepare my snacks for those moments when need I seek something not only physically satisfying but emotionally satisfying.  The traditional junk food snacks just don’t left me up in fact they drain me after about 30 minutes.

Commitment to move and strengthen my body so it can carry me easily with everything I do.  It feels good to be strong. How many of us take for granted being able to walk easily and effortlessly anywhere we want to go.  I live in a city that is truly a walking city.  If you have difficulty walking on your own two feet it will be a struggle to get around easily.  Walking is amazing and something we take for granted. Feeling your legs carry your the rest of body through space and suspend your arms away from and lift them up to the sky.  What an amazing sensation.  I have recently change and up leveled  my commitment to moving my body by riding my bike to work 2x a week and getting rid of the car.  Committing to my new yoga burn flow exercise 7x a week.  This will be the 5th weekend riding my bike I am pretty stoked about keeping that commitment.  I am too tired to edit there are many grammatical errors and I apologize.  I commit to clean ir up later.  Time is up 30 minutes flew by.

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