Who am I?  Good Question loaded answer.  For starters my name is Polly “and no I don’t want a cracker but I am happy to put the kettle on for a pot of tea”  A Mother Goose rhythm I learned as I young girl.  Funny how I became a tea drinker from coffee lover.  Another story…I am passionate about tea and collect Pur eh tea cakes from Yunnan Province.  So I guess I am a bit of picky tea drinker.

I am transitioning into Coaching from Occupational Therapy.  As you read my daily 30 minute writing challenge one of things I blog about is the connection of the two professions.  It is my desire to create motivational membership sites for people struggling like me at 50 hitting a glass ceiling and wondering what is next?  Where am I going? What is my legacy?  What is my purpose and how do I support and sustain a vibrant quality of life?  I have acquired many skills and talents during this 50 years of life how do I turn it into passive income?  How do I take my little diamonds and nuggets of gold and create something meaningful and inspirational for others?

I take beautiful photographs of flowers and nature.  My beautiful, handsome 2 year old fur baby Dr. Pepper goes everywhere even kayaking on the Charles River.  He is a treasure he even presides at the energy meditation class I have been giving at the West End Library Boston Branch for the last 3 years.  He is an anchor for the class and helps everyone shift into the meditation practice by shifting the focus to his antics and wanting to greet everyone with a kiss and hug or some kind of mischief.

I don’t know who will read this or be attracted to this so it will be kind of interesting to see what happens as I have never done this before.


































These are some of the questions I hope to expand upon during my 30 minute daily writing challenge.


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