Week 3 falling behind – dialogue brain vs nervous system

Don’t give up. Scale it down. Stay consistent. Get back to it.


What do you do?  Do you give up?  HELL NO!  YOU DOWN SIZE the time making a smaller chunk consistency is the mantra – This is about growing habit and taking action. and the reward is the results and ROI.  What is my ROI great content to build on  for something that I can EARN from the experiences. Look how much writing  I have been doing.  It doesn’t mater if it junk it is a starting place.  It is growing because of consistency A ONE STEP ACTION.  It grows incrementally ( grossly+/- could add up to 150 minutes a week). It doesn’t matter if I wrote 5 or 10 minutes and had to scale it down it all adds up and at the end of the month there is bound to be something  there that can be turned into GOLD.  Not only that but the habit building of 1 step action at a time rolls over into the rest of my work flow and productivity. I become that much more productive in less time across the board.  I could probably save a 2 weeks of work a year.

Yes the next step maybe to schedule the time in my work flow calendar. As if I didn’t think of that before. Too much pressure. I am still a little freedom fighter and battle up against lists, to dos time constraints.  Yes I have trained myself to use them, keep them because in the end they bring me more freedom and less chaos.  But there is a part of nervous system that has to digest and come to the idea on its own. It has to say I can do this without scheduling in.  My smarty brain says no schedule it in dumb ass.  Nervous system says: ” don’t tell me what to do, I can do it how I want”. Brain: “Ok dumb ass….don’t come crying to me when “I told you so”.  Brain “Stubborn bad ass when will she learn and just do it the easy way, she has to make it hard on herself,how long will she do this for?” Before she succumbs to making it a valuable enough to go in the work flow calendar?

Sure I had a few slip ups a few days without posting.  Life happens it gets in the way sort of it made me tired.  I didn’t want to.  Some feelings of guilt because I set up a challenge for myself all in and excited, so determined.  But the reality is things happen, have compassion for self. Get back up and make an adjust grow the mental strength and fortitude without hitting your head against the wall.  Without the self loathing because that gets you no where. Brain ” writing is valuable put in the work flow calendar, along with time for yoga, and Melt and passive brain fitness, meditation posting on FB group that you keep pushing off and filling the time conveniently with time wasters. ”  What are you waiting for?  Look at what you can engage in and how you would feel in your body if you took care of yourself in this way?

Still some resistance but making head way.  The brain is right in this instance.  The big question is why is not considered valuable enough?  Why is other people’s stuff more valued than mine.  Why do I leave myself out of the calendar? topic for another post…

Ok 20 minutes – i forgot to set the timer that is part of assignment.  Idiot – dumb ass – I won’t give up.  Back at it again tomorrow maybe in the calendar.

Inconsistency vs Consistency

Excuses seem so valid keeping me from my goal. I REFUSE…

Week two much harder around growing consistency with my writing habit.  However that being said I accomplished so much  and was able to fire off to Nikki some decent not perfect content to build the theme of the website brand.  I really excited about that.  Of course there is much more work to do but I will celebrate that big accomplishment! Yeah

I had feelings of not wanting to write after that so it became easy to come up with very valid excuses preventing me from opening the laptop and getting to this page or another document.  Especially the excuse I have nothing to write about.  That one was the most seductive and appealing.  That one is the one that stopped me in my tracks putting up not just resistance but REFUSAL.  I REFUSE TO WRITE TO DAY.  And so guess what I did not write.  The interesting mind body connection of what goes on in my nervous system when i set out with my goal and by week two I am finding ways to discard it.  I see this pattern repeat often in my life and perhaps no wonder I struggle with progressing beyond my comfort zone.  I am much more aware and I have the tools to adjust it.  I started 2 laser tapping session with friends and / colleagues to shift the REFUSAL around goals that I set.  Interestingly after tapping with good friend Madison several hours later my boss at NR sent me a text she always emails asking if I could work on Monday.  I had been worried that  my hours were dwindling to 12 hours a week from 24.  So of course I was delighted because as I ramp up my coaching business I certainly need to continue to support myself.  I was so thrilled to have the extra day of income.  It will really help and bring me out of panic mode which is always flight fight freeze reaction. With that out of the way I can attend to to my GB group and continue with the content for FT website, sales page, blog and landing page and funnel.

I was reading about creating the x-factor statement really called a UPS (unique position statement) wow that was overwhelming.  It sound similar to captivate to motivate.  They seem simple concepts but really much more complex.  It is a style of thinking and writing that taxs your brain at first not being used to speaking writing this way to an audience.

My professional role of OT for so many years I know intimately my job function.  I know how to pace my self and exactly how much time to spend on certain tasks and it is demanded.  We are given a  patient list with exactly how much time to spend with each patient which  in turn determines how much time is left for writing notes, speaking with family and other staff.  You go beyond on that you get a friendly little email to correct your time management.  It is a system that I don’t have to think about  other than the physical and cognitive piece of the therapy session that can be quite intense.  That being said at the end of a shift I can go home and forget about it and jump into other comfortable things.

The work formula for this business I am creating is much different.  There are some tasks I lke doing and others that I put on the back burner because I don’t know where to start, how to do it, lack the resources.  So then procrastination sets in.  I do what I like to do.  Experimenting with what a work routine might like look.  The beginning will be very different so many pieces to connect.  The work flow is so very different and much more passive than the physical work of being an OT.

I have been playing around pretending I am the employee of my company and identifying what I would  be paying myself for:  for 4 hours a day the expectation is to write for 30 minutes, update group postings 15 minutes, coach at least one to two people , ok day is done rework flow.

Revision for the beginning;  I can come with a whole bunch of tasks and assign time limit.  Put them in jar and pick out 3 a day.  This wonderful idea was shared with me by friend Madison.  I really like that idea and set aside some time .  I expanded to include 4 jars, nutrition and health,  self care activities & fitness, relationship, fun. So the idea is pick 3 work tasks, 2 nutrition, 2 self cae / fitness, 1-2 relationship, 1-2 fun for each day.

Writing for 25 minutes.  Time to shift to create a turbo tapping script for a client.


week 2 Mon and Tues

Where have I been…Saturday Sunday rest. Monday and Tuesday Binge

Oh wow!  I BINGE wrote a lot yesterday and I did not use the timer.  SHAME!  I made mistakes did not take breaks when I should have and ended up loosing content twice and had to rewrite a 3 rd time to get content off to Nikki.  YUCK

Lesson learned take breaks set the timer avoid binge writing  even during a dead line.

Today I paced myself much better. Used the timer in 30 minute increments took breaks.  I went beyond just my writing content goal.  It motivated me to do a little research on my most desired client so I can write up my sales page and refine my web content. I also found a quote and sent pics to Nikki.  The pics are of me to use as a holding place till I put together the right outfits that go with my market.  I even came up some cool brand names.  I am still going to keep Neuro Shift Advantage as that is my registered  business name.  However my brands can be billed to that.

Maybe you are wondering why I took a break on Saturday and Sunday.  I felt it was good to have a break.  Instead I posted quite a bit to my new Facebook group and went live 4 times. With some participants.  All in all tucking into doing a little writing habit with timer and short segments has really made me more productive.  The writing leads you to unexpected action accomplishing more than you expected.

Day 5 Whew – week 1

My life as an entrepreneur and how I got started my inspiration

What was Your Inspiration:  Ok moving forward with branding questions she wants to know my inspiration my story why is that so hard to talk about. um my inspiration why do this why do you want to work with me who am I again it feels like repetition.  I don’t like this question either it makes me uncomfortable I don’t know how to start so vague.  Why do I  want to coach you?  Why do I want to do this what is my story what is my motivation where to begin.  Blank Blank Blank…ugh

deep breath…here goes diving in.  Here I am I have worked so hard I want to say all my life but that sounds so cliche…But seriously I have been working sometimes multiple jobs really pushing my self.  I have steady work, I have been an entrepreneur many times.  First at 4 selling leprechauns door to door in the neighborhood and coming home with pocket change much to parents chagrin.  Then at age 9 my Dad started me in my first real business going door to door selling greeting cards and wrapping paper.  I guess after the leprechaun experience I was now of age to do it properly.  I was petrified, but excited to do it.  Fearful of rejection he coached me I would carry a big heavy tape recorder in my satchel to record the sales convo we would replay it and study it and prepare for the next rejection.  I have vague memories of it.  But I guess I made some decent money it later helped pay my to NZ.  After that my next venture was my first MLM Beauty for all seasons I was in college needing to make some money to pay for my living expenses.  I sold make up and did colors of success.  It was exciting and fun to conferences get all dressed up and meet the movers and shakers.  I made a little but not enough.  Then it was another MLM for manicures my Mom and I did that together.  That one never got any traction.  After that I was a little discouraged with MLM however several years later that didn’t stop me as I found myself attracted to yet another and never did anything.  I started my cosmetic business from the ground floor .  I formulated all my own products fresh and made to order.  Alot of work 24/7 lots of fun, travel, speaking engagements, and I made some money again not at the level for the work I was putting in.  It took a toll on me and I got sick and had to close the business.  Eventually I went back to OT with some misgivings and feelings of failure.  However that was not entirely true and this is very important.  When I look back at all I did WOW that was not failure just because I didn’t become Estee Lauder.  I did it I got out there I had clients all over the world, I was selling to spas. People spa business wanted what I created.

So what am I conveying here.  When you look at this history who do you see?  You see this young girl starting out early with energy and exuberance to explore her world.  Fearless.  That is still  a part of her yes she has gone through her full share of hardship, emotional upheavals, wins and loses, struggles, and is still here a survivor and hungry to break through the glass ceiling.

What does that mean glass ceiling:  It means that I have reached the top of my career as an Occupational Therapist.  The work is mentally and physically demanding and I am at the top of my pay scale.  There is no way that I can live a fruitful fulfilled life in the next 20 years.  There has to be something bigger better that I can take all my learning and turn it into earning all those classes in modalities and coaching it is time to cash in.  If can do it i can show others how to do it.

Number one fear is to have enough money, health, wellness, mental stamina to live a fulfilled life in the next 30-50 years.  This is a fear or nagging worry for many of us in what ever is left of the middle class.  I don’t have children to look after me.  Like I was able to look after my Mum.  children is no guarantee that they will look after you anyway.

No back to the questions my inspiration for the last 8 minutes:  get really clear:  It is for me I have the skills, experience I am the best one suited to show you how to get out of stagnation, learning and never earning, creating and doing that thing that lines you up with stepping into your business or project and being able to bring it to the market place.  I have done so many businesses, worked in the trenches,I know what is like. I know the frustration, panic, fear that can stop you cold, make you retreat.  I have been there, I am you. I have the map, it has been my journey and together I can show you how to shift into getting paid, earning your value, asking for your value, knowing your value to live fulfilled.  Bring your gifts and talents to others who are desperately waiting for you.

Day 4 uh oh

describe products and services, trying to explain one of modalities Energy Meditation

Describe products and services that I provide to the world and why they are unique

I am so tired.  Omg I waited too long.  I made sure I rewarded myself all day long instead of rewarding after.  I put it backwards I guess I am rebelling.  Actually I was very productive and started integrating the small amounts of time for various tasks. Now it is 7:45 in the evening and I have a coach call at 9 so I am feeling time to write now.  Ok where are all those inspired ideas that are supposed to come tired or not, busy or not, good time or not?  My services:  Well lets see products and services products and services; one service could be the Energy Meditation Program I have put together over the last several years lets start there what is it, why is it different and how does it make my coaching different:

ENERGY MEDITATION:  Meditation is a proven mind body tool that allows the creative right brain to have a chance to turn on, light up.  The Left brain gets to have a rest from all the chatter, clatter, to dos, constant dialogue.  When the left brain is given the opportunity for rest and quite the right brain can ignite and start coming up creating, ideas, solutions, possibilities.  It can’t do that under stress or flight or fight.  Meditation allows the mind and body to quite itself and has an overall measurable physical and emotional positive response to bring the body into relaxation.  When the mind and body comes out of flight and fight it can be responsive in whole different way. Everything from interrupting pain singles, lowering blood pressure.

How is this beneficial in coaching and why would you use it? It is funny Meditation is the new Yoga.  It is gaining all kinds of traction and Meditation clubs and classes are popping up in health clubs and yoga studios, and tons of online memberships, audios and downloads.  To answer the question the Energy Meditation I created as anchor to give back to community and build a presence. I honestly didn’t know what I was going to do with it.  However after 3 years it has turned into something quite powerful and has gained recognition in the neighborhood. It was one of the best attended classes offered at our neighborhood branch library.  Ok I diverting from the issue because I am struggling to find the words in the left brain to give it life and context.  To explain in a way that is functional and useful.  Lets try again:

Energy Meditation is one of my key products.  It is also part of one of the membership groups I want to create on line.  It is also a product that I want to be download able.  In its entire form it approximately 45 minutes long.  However each segment can / could be its own mini meditation.  I explain it this way to my class.  What you are practicing in just 2 minutes is shifting the brain out of work, chatter, to dos whatever the brain is distracted with and teaching to shift to a different gear to gain a moment to enter a different space , a different awareness that empowers you to shift from knee jerk reaction to desired responses or behaviors , calmness, not to be a slave to triggers.

As you practice and grow this you become more adept at shifting out of highly triggering situations or events to make key decisions that have the least amount blow back.  As the practice grows you become more and more adept choosing your response, reducing the period of the time you spend getting pulled into overwhelm, battle, struggle, frustration.  Each one of elements of my Energy Meditation can be done in 2-10 minutes.  Why this short period of time?  Well the brain is funny it gets distracted easily and it doesn’t like to engage in mundane repetitive tasks that is assumes the body already knows how to do like breathing.  It gets bored.  It is in cultivating this bored phase that biggest results occur. It is like a muscle it has to be primed, gradually taken on work out.  You can’t go to the gym and lift 50 pounds on the first day if you have never participated in lifting weight program.  It is kind of the same thing.  2 minutes is easy being and you still get results.  Then you can build up.  The brain gets bored easily and wants to go back to the to do list, battles, frustrations what ever it wants to attach to.

This is important when you experience overwhelm, panic, around facing what you want in your business, goal etc..  Oh wow time is up.  I danced around that …continue to work out tomorrow.  I actually feel more energized and I am ready for a coaching session at 9.



Day 3 writing on branding

Writing content around branding my services and products…What the heck is that? Where do I start?

Focus of my 30 minutes of writing will be around branding as this is part of my website content that Nikki is asking for:  Ready setting the timer:

Let’s define your brand’s core message. Start by asking yourself some questions like
“Why does the world need my products/services?”, “Why am I meant to provide
these products/services to the world?”, and “Why was I inspired to create these
products/services?”. Try to focus on what your product/service does do, rather than
what competitor products don’t do. This is about you after all. Tell the story of your
brand. What’s the overall message you want to convey?

OMG I don’t like these questions.  I don’t know how to begin.  My Brand?  What Brand? Products and services I am coach , I am Occupational  Therapist . Dr. Pepper senses my stress and wants to soothe me with kissed. Not helping matters.  This is going to be an awful 30 minutes.  Lets start with products maybe:  Lets products services  services products products services services products my nervous system is freezing my brain.  My brain is frozen and Pep barking senses my unrest wants to help. Ok now he is settled restarted the timer. What is the question again?  Products services branding omg I can’t do this my stomach is knots. Nobody wants what I have to offer.  This is painful. Thats not true Lets try this from an Interview style maybe that will relax me:

Polly what do you do what are your products and services:  first lets start with captivate statement:

I show who:  Are you someone who has invested in course after course, modality after modality?  Doing a lot of learning and not enough earning?  Yep that was me investing big money in Coaching programs, learning processes, learning all kinds of modalities Reiki, Aromoatherapy, Meditation, Yoga, MELT the list continues to grow year after year and bank account gets smaller or stagnant.  Hiding behind all these programs to learn enough, to get more knowledge so I could make that big leap to transition out fatigue, burn out, frustration not making enough hitting a glass ceiling. out over taxed health care career.  So I could live the dream, grow passive income stream, not have to work physical and emotionally so hard.  I thought all I had to do was learn this one thing, then another thing, and then another and before you know it I am on a roller coaster  of IT IS NEVER ENOUGH.  

Well I here to show you step by step to SAFELY AND STRATEGICALLY TO get off that roller coaster.  You must be dizzy by now can’t even think how to put it all together to make sense out WHAT TO DO WITH ALL THOSE TOOLS, PROCESSES AND MODALITIES  to turn into YES I AM GOING TO SAY IT EARNING.

Many new Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Healers, Energy workers never get a chance to get their business off the ground.  I am here to show you the things nobody wants to talk about.  The getting down dirty part of overcoming overwhelm around an online presence.

So many colleagues and fellow coaches, healers, Reiki practioners, Mediatation Yoga you name it freeze run and hide when they have to use a computer. Don’t even mention the word Facebook.  Many people just stop right there.  Let alone a website and do I dare say landing pages, marketing funnel.  Ok I just lost you. I went over board.  The fear of using social media, online applications even to take an online class is enough to slam on the breaks.  I worked with people who have spent thousands of dollars to participate in a coaching program that required using all this technology.  She wanted to get her money back she was so overwhelmed with just the course how was she going to set up her business if she didn’t over come this panic?  Ok 30 seconds left not do bad.  Can I get all this to Nikki by Monday July 17th? I don’t think I answered the question but I feel better.





Day 2 – 30 minutes writing

That hollow feeling when you finally complete your coaching program and you realize there is no foundation just a bunch of great processes. What is a landing page, free report and marketing funnel?

backgroundHere we go timer set 30 minutes.  Gina who is responsible for all this activity coached me today and helped me gain some clarity about my experience as a novice coach who is experiencing those hollow feelings that come after the program….Where are the clients going to come from?  What tools do I need to get this off the ground?  I certainly learned the processes however the foundation needs to be built or the roof will not go up.  She gave me support around what the foundation looks like so that I can move forward.  I have to say after my first experience yesterday and having people in my #Finishing Agent group comment on my post empowered me in ways that were unexpected.  I found myself not only reading the feedback, commenting on other’s post and experience and it gave me the permission to move into action to investigate what a landing page is and what a marketing funnel is and what it does.  It is still overwhelming but at least I listened to half the video.  I was amazed at how the simple act of my writing goal tied together with #Finishing Agent process brought about a unique behavior to settle down and investigate landing page and funnel applications.  It was really about the group support and comments, seeing and feeling what other similar “coaches” were capable of doing.  In an unobtrusive way it had this influence over me to go ahead and investigate what I really had so much resistance doing.  (10 minutes – so many fur child interruptions- fur friend over and the boys are being boys) 

Starting over set timer for 20 minutes – So what has my experience been since finishing my coaching program?  I know for sure I want to do group coaching via online presence.  I have struggled with my Niche….today I gained a little more clarity around the foundation.  My Niche market is new coaches coming wrapping up their coaching program and now they have to get down to client attraction.  I have processes I even have a turn key guide for those processes. What I want to do is have a membership site for Coaches to get there all the pieces of the puzzle together.  Sharpen Niche who they want to attract, continue to be coached and get coached weekly to keep coaching skill expanding and growing, the opportunity to coach and be coached from other areas, to work out processes, to have a step by step process / plan to build the back bone foundation behind all those wonderful process.  As I writing I don’t even know what all that entails.  It isn’t even discussed in my coaching training… I didn’t even know what a landing page is, what a funnel is. I know about face book groups as I have had one or several and belong to several.  I ran an on line webjam a couple years ago and nobody signed up.  I ran to 5 week live classes one Level Up and 2 dissolving barriers with 6 participants and got paid.  They were successful all be it not to coaches.  I had my Meditation group to introduce my classes.  It was enough to tell me what I do and don’t want.  I like live groups they are the best.  Next is on line groups and coaching.  

As a new coach starting a on line coaching business I am here today to tell you after finishing my second coaching program.  I HAVE NO LIST.  I HAVE PERSONAL FACE BOOK FOLLOWERS.  I have no free report… I have someone to develop my website but I don’t know what to tell her…What about gathering some data around people like me where to I send it or post it:

Coaches struggling getting exposure on line:

  1. How many courses have you taken
  2. How many of those courses have you completed
  3. How many people are you coaching now?
  4. If not coaching paying clients when was the last time you gave a coaching session?
  5. How often are you being coached?
  6. Have you created your free report or gift
  7. Who is your niche client or group
  8. What type of coaching experience are you going to create
  9. Rate your knowledge from 1 to 10 on these key foundations for your on line presence business
    1. free report
    2. landing page
    3. marketing funnel
    4. web page
    5. face book groups /live
    6. making You tube video
    7. using a service like Zoom
    8. running a webjam
    9. group membership service
    10. automatic billing renewal
    11. drip content

Wow so much stuff you could get buried under this list.  It is crazy.It feels like it takes away from the work of getting down to coaching. If I spend all my time on this it could be a year before I start working with clients.  Then I will back to where I started not having coached anyone and have to start all over.  It seems like a vicious circle.  What about creating the content?  This is the content. My experience coming out of 2 coaching programs full of processes but no foundation.

Oh yeah 26 minutes 4 more minutes…..this is hurts to think about.  I look at this and say I just want to give up it is too much.  I guess this where I start one of those coaching processes I learned like tapping to shift my nervous system from overwhelm to stillness to line up with the best resources and solutions to get it done faster than anyone else and be a leader in my field.  That is one of things that I learned in my coaching class.

How do I feel today:  Not as exuberant as yesterday.  Sobering thinking about all this stuff. I feel lots of resistance because in 4 weeks I need to run a beta finish agent beta group and I don’t know….I JUST DON’T KNOW I DON’T KNOW UGH