Overboard – Binge 240 minutes

Binging loosing focus on priority tasks. What it cost me

OK another huge insight it isn’t brand new…I like to be dramatic it is fun for me.  This is what happened.  I started updating my linked in page which by the way, this is totally key,  was not on the radar for the top 3 tasks to be done today.  I came across an opportunity to write my intro about who I am and thought that would qualify as my 30 minute writing challenge and could apply it in other materials.  I started writing on the about me / who I am section.  No I didn’t go to a word document that would have been smart but would have lost my inspiration.  Something about having to do it right now and right there in that little 2000 limiting word box.  First draft 3600 words. Cut and paste to save somewhere else for future editing.  What!   1 1/2 hours of writing 3 x ignoring the timer until Pep came and saved me.  Next session 2 1/2 hours now it is interfering with other important tasks that I wanted to address.  I feel like I have some tendencies towards binging ( signs of a work alcoholic)

The aha here is to point out it was not  necessary to take the time to write beyond the 30 minutes especially since the linked in page was not even in my thoughts until I opened an email.  I spent and dedicated time to something that did not have a priority beyond the exercise thereby forfeiting other higher priority projects and tasks.

I see these patterns in my behavior .  I see how I became easily derailed by a mere exercise that turned into a half day project that was not important.  It cost engagement with family, taking Pep for a walk on the river, doing some self care, accomplishing other high priority business tasks for what?

Setting and using the timer is very important tool and to ignored.  That time in between setting up the next segment gives the opportunity to reassess a projects priority or if it is time to task switch.  This writing exercise is not just about writing for a mere 30 minutes but to increase awareness around behavior, habit, obsessions resistance and how it relates to making progress with business and personal care tasks.  If I was paying myself today I would have to hold back wages for poor productivity and time management.

Finding the balance not to overcompensate or be consumed and becoming negligent on so many other things to do today.  It cost me not enjoying being outdoors longer with Pep. No walk on the river. No 30 minutes with my favorite read.  No yoga burn. If I had kept to the 30 minute rule look what else I would have engaged in and been much more fulfilled.  Look what I could have accomplished and did not.  I forgot to post live video on my group page.

Amazing what a simple 30 minute writing challenge can reveal.