Almost forgot 55 minutes left

50 minutes left before tomorrow!

Omg here it is 11:05 the day is almost tomorrow.  I don’t care what it takes I am committed to write something tonight.  Thinking about my blog themes for the website to have a holding place when I am ready to launch.  I want to do one MLM as a passive stream of additional income .  Passive brain fitness as one of my favorite things.

Yuck that can go somewhere else not here.  This is really about my process and what is happening with my writing challenge for content development.  I had such a great writing session on Sunday.  Afraid this is going to be dull.  That being said I am getting me work flow in a better grove.  Applying the 30 minute time and sometimes longer due some of the videos I needed to watch are longer.  However I am keeping up with evernote, and finish agent and website.  I can say I was able to toggle efficiently between a variety of work tasks and play time with pepper. I can see that I was quite productive today.  Even though I had 3 big long meetings.

The other thing was taking a several day hiatus was so important and limiting use of devices and media made a world of difference.  Today I was able to upload so much information and understand how to use it.  I feel really good about that.  The past several weeks so tired I could barely comprehend.  Note to self before I feel like that start incorporating comfort zone and rest periods into my day.  Ok only 5 minutes tonight. Coaching tomorrow in the Czech and I have to be up early for the time difference.

Day 4 uh oh

describe products and services, trying to explain one of modalities Energy Meditation

Describe products and services that I provide to the world and why they are unique

I am so tired.  Omg I waited too long.  I made sure I rewarded myself all day long instead of rewarding after.  I put it backwards I guess I am rebelling.  Actually I was very productive and started integrating the small amounts of time for various tasks. Now it is 7:45 in the evening and I have a coach call at 9 so I am feeling time to write now.  Ok where are all those inspired ideas that are supposed to come tired or not, busy or not, good time or not?  My services:  Well lets see products and services products and services; one service could be the Energy Meditation Program I have put together over the last several years lets start there what is it, why is it different and how does it make my coaching different:

ENERGY MEDITATION:  Meditation is a proven mind body tool that allows the creative right brain to have a chance to turn on, light up.  The Left brain gets to have a rest from all the chatter, clatter, to dos, constant dialogue.  When the left brain is given the opportunity for rest and quite the right brain can ignite and start coming up creating, ideas, solutions, possibilities.  It can’t do that under stress or flight or fight.  Meditation allows the mind and body to quite itself and has an overall measurable physical and emotional positive response to bring the body into relaxation.  When the mind and body comes out of flight and fight it can be responsive in whole different way. Everything from interrupting pain singles, lowering blood pressure.

How is this beneficial in coaching and why would you use it? It is funny Meditation is the new Yoga.  It is gaining all kinds of traction and Meditation clubs and classes are popping up in health clubs and yoga studios, and tons of online memberships, audios and downloads.  To answer the question the Energy Meditation I created as anchor to give back to community and build a presence. I honestly didn’t know what I was going to do with it.  However after 3 years it has turned into something quite powerful and has gained recognition in the neighborhood. It was one of the best attended classes offered at our neighborhood branch library.  Ok I diverting from the issue because I am struggling to find the words in the left brain to give it life and context.  To explain in a way that is functional and useful.  Lets try again:

Energy Meditation is one of my key products.  It is also part of one of the membership groups I want to create on line.  It is also a product that I want to be download able.  In its entire form it approximately 45 minutes long.  However each segment can / could be its own mini meditation.  I explain it this way to my class.  What you are practicing in just 2 minutes is shifting the brain out of work, chatter, to dos whatever the brain is distracted with and teaching to shift to a different gear to gain a moment to enter a different space , a different awareness that empowers you to shift from knee jerk reaction to desired responses or behaviors , calmness, not to be a slave to triggers.

As you practice and grow this you become more adept at shifting out of highly triggering situations or events to make key decisions that have the least amount blow back.  As the practice grows you become more and more adept choosing your response, reducing the period of the time you spend getting pulled into overwhelm, battle, struggle, frustration.  Each one of elements of my Energy Meditation can be done in 2-10 minutes.  Why this short period of time?  Well the brain is funny it gets distracted easily and it doesn’t like to engage in mundane repetitive tasks that is assumes the body already knows how to do like breathing.  It gets bored.  It is in cultivating this bored phase that biggest results occur. It is like a muscle it has to be primed, gradually taken on work out.  You can’t go to the gym and lift 50 pounds on the first day if you have never participated in lifting weight program.  It is kind of the same thing.  2 minutes is easy being and you still get results.  Then you can build up.  The brain gets bored easily and wants to go back to the to do list, battles, frustrations what ever it wants to attach to.

This is important when you experience overwhelm, panic, around facing what you want in your business, goal etc..  Oh wow time is up.  I danced around that …continue to work out tomorrow.  I actually feel more energized and I am ready for a coaching session at 9.



Day 3 writing on branding

Writing content around branding my services and products…What the heck is that? Where do I start?

Focus of my 30 minutes of writing will be around branding as this is part of my website content that Nikki is asking for:  Ready setting the timer:

Let’s define your brand’s core message. Start by asking yourself some questions like
“Why does the world need my products/services?”, “Why am I meant to provide
these products/services to the world?”, and “Why was I inspired to create these
products/services?”. Try to focus on what your product/service does do, rather than
what competitor products don’t do. This is about you after all. Tell the story of your
brand. What’s the overall message you want to convey?

OMG I don’t like these questions.  I don’t know how to begin.  My Brand?  What Brand? Products and services I am coach , I am Occupational  Therapist . Dr. Pepper senses my stress and wants to soothe me with kissed. Not helping matters.  This is going to be an awful 30 minutes.  Lets start with products maybe:  Lets products services  services products products services services products my nervous system is freezing my brain.  My brain is frozen and Pep barking senses my unrest wants to help. Ok now he is settled restarted the timer. What is the question again?  Products services branding omg I can’t do this my stomach is knots. Nobody wants what I have to offer.  This is painful. Thats not true Lets try this from an Interview style maybe that will relax me:

Polly what do you do what are your products and services:  first lets start with captivate statement:

I show who:  Are you someone who has invested in course after course, modality after modality?  Doing a lot of learning and not enough earning?  Yep that was me investing big money in Coaching programs, learning processes, learning all kinds of modalities Reiki, Aromoatherapy, Meditation, Yoga, MELT the list continues to grow year after year and bank account gets smaller or stagnant.  Hiding behind all these programs to learn enough, to get more knowledge so I could make that big leap to transition out fatigue, burn out, frustration not making enough hitting a glass ceiling. out over taxed health care career.  So I could live the dream, grow passive income stream, not have to work physical and emotionally so hard.  I thought all I had to do was learn this one thing, then another thing, and then another and before you know it I am on a roller coaster  of IT IS NEVER ENOUGH.  

Well I here to show you step by step to SAFELY AND STRATEGICALLY TO get off that roller coaster.  You must be dizzy by now can’t even think how to put it all together to make sense out WHAT TO DO WITH ALL THOSE TOOLS, PROCESSES AND MODALITIES  to turn into YES I AM GOING TO SAY IT EARNING.

Many new Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Healers, Energy workers never get a chance to get their business off the ground.  I am here to show you the things nobody wants to talk about.  The getting down dirty part of overcoming overwhelm around an online presence.

So many colleagues and fellow coaches, healers, Reiki practioners, Mediatation Yoga you name it freeze run and hide when they have to use a computer. Don’t even mention the word Facebook.  Many people just stop right there.  Let alone a website and do I dare say landing pages, marketing funnel.  Ok I just lost you. I went over board.  The fear of using social media, online applications even to take an online class is enough to slam on the breaks.  I worked with people who have spent thousands of dollars to participate in a coaching program that required using all this technology.  She wanted to get her money back she was so overwhelmed with just the course how was she going to set up her business if she didn’t over come this panic?  Ok 30 seconds left not do bad.  Can I get all this to Nikki by Monday July 17th? I don’t think I answered the question but I feel better.





Day 2 – 30 minutes writing

That hollow feeling when you finally complete your coaching program and you realize there is no foundation just a bunch of great processes. What is a landing page, free report and marketing funnel?

backgroundHere we go timer set 30 minutes.  Gina who is responsible for all this activity coached me today and helped me gain some clarity about my experience as a novice coach who is experiencing those hollow feelings that come after the program….Where are the clients going to come from?  What tools do I need to get this off the ground?  I certainly learned the processes however the foundation needs to be built or the roof will not go up.  She gave me support around what the foundation looks like so that I can move forward.  I have to say after my first experience yesterday and having people in my #Finishing Agent group comment on my post empowered me in ways that were unexpected.  I found myself not only reading the feedback, commenting on other’s post and experience and it gave me the permission to move into action to investigate what a landing page is and what a marketing funnel is and what it does.  It is still overwhelming but at least I listened to half the video.  I was amazed at how the simple act of my writing goal tied together with #Finishing Agent process brought about a unique behavior to settle down and investigate landing page and funnel applications.  It was really about the group support and comments, seeing and feeling what other similar “coaches” were capable of doing.  In an unobtrusive way it had this influence over me to go ahead and investigate what I really had so much resistance doing.  (10 minutes – so many fur child interruptions- fur friend over and the boys are being boys) 

Starting over set timer for 20 minutes – So what has my experience been since finishing my coaching program?  I know for sure I want to do group coaching via online presence.  I have struggled with my Niche….today I gained a little more clarity around the foundation.  My Niche market is new coaches coming wrapping up their coaching program and now they have to get down to client attraction.  I have processes I even have a turn key guide for those processes. What I want to do is have a membership site for Coaches to get there all the pieces of the puzzle together.  Sharpen Niche who they want to attract, continue to be coached and get coached weekly to keep coaching skill expanding and growing, the opportunity to coach and be coached from other areas, to work out processes, to have a step by step process / plan to build the back bone foundation behind all those wonderful process.  As I writing I don’t even know what all that entails.  It isn’t even discussed in my coaching training… I didn’t even know what a landing page is, what a funnel is. I know about face book groups as I have had one or several and belong to several.  I ran an on line webjam a couple years ago and nobody signed up.  I ran to 5 week live classes one Level Up and 2 dissolving barriers with 6 participants and got paid.  They were successful all be it not to coaches.  I had my Meditation group to introduce my classes.  It was enough to tell me what I do and don’t want.  I like live groups they are the best.  Next is on line groups and coaching.  

As a new coach starting a on line coaching business I am here today to tell you after finishing my second coaching program.  I HAVE NO LIST.  I HAVE PERSONAL FACE BOOK FOLLOWERS.  I have no free report… I have someone to develop my website but I don’t know what to tell her…What about gathering some data around people like me where to I send it or post it:

Coaches struggling getting exposure on line:

  1. How many courses have you taken
  2. How many of those courses have you completed
  3. How many people are you coaching now?
  4. If not coaching paying clients when was the last time you gave a coaching session?
  5. How often are you being coached?
  6. Have you created your free report or gift
  7. Who is your niche client or group
  8. What type of coaching experience are you going to create
  9. Rate your knowledge from 1 to 10 on these key foundations for your on line presence business
    1. free report
    2. landing page
    3. marketing funnel
    4. web page
    5. face book groups /live
    6. making You tube video
    7. using a service like Zoom
    8. running a webjam
    9. group membership service
    10. automatic billing renewal
    11. drip content

Wow so much stuff you could get buried under this list.  It is crazy.It feels like it takes away from the work of getting down to coaching. If I spend all my time on this it could be a year before I start working with clients.  Then I will back to where I started not having coached anyone and have to start all over.  It seems like a vicious circle.  What about creating the content?  This is the content. My experience coming out of 2 coaching programs full of processes but no foundation.

Oh yeah 26 minutes 4 more minutes…..this is hurts to think about.  I look at this and say I just want to give up it is too much.  I guess this where I start one of those coaching processes I learned like tapping to shift my nervous system from overwhelm to stillness to line up with the best resources and solutions to get it done faster than anyone else and be a leader in my field.  That is one of things that I learned in my coaching class.

How do I feel today:  Not as exuberant as yesterday.  Sobering thinking about all this stuff. I feel lots of resistance because in 4 weeks I need to run a beta finish agent beta group and I don’t know….I JUST DON’T KNOW I DON’T KNOW UGH

First Day July 10 2017

Ok here I am doing my assignment.  I set the time for  30 minutes and I have no idea what I am going to write about. My goal is write up my landing page.  I don’t even know what a landing page is.  However that being said I need to write for Nikki for web site so I suppose that could be used for both situations.  That being said of course my left eye decides to blow up and blister almost all the way closed but I am not going to let that stop me.

I still don’t know what I am going to write about. Madison shared her bio with me and her class program.  She is really on the move setting up her descriptions and classes. Here I am I can’t even think about who I am or what I offer.  I just committed to write for 30 minutes is time up yet?  No it is only 4 minutes omg 30 minutes is going to be forever.  What am I going to say.  Certainly I had great ideas not to long ago when I was walking around, just before I got up now nothing comes into my head but gibberish. Does this count?

I feel like such a looser….No discipline, no wonder I can’t get myself off the ground.  Okay now stop that it.  Look what you have done since end of January.  You have so many good ideas lets get clear and expand them.  This is a great way to do that.  Just relax and let your ideas populate your head.  Do you want to start with a Bio or Meditation or one of your membership ideas that you would like to do?  Remember you were thinking about all kinds of memberships and how to integrate your fellow coaches into programs and they could also start making money.  Do you want to start there?

Omg 7 minutes it feels like 30… what now what do I want to say. Who am I:

Polly Fletcher, Occupational Therpist:  What does an Occupational Therapist do and how does it relate to coaching practice:  Let’s see:  As an OT of over 30 years I use meditation to show patients suffering with pain how to shift mind focus off of pain to experience moments of relaxation, quite, peace and greater comfort.  I also show patients suffering from injury from falls, medical complications how to regain independence from a dependent situation and or caregivers how to manage loved one suffering from many physical and cognitive losses:

How does this apply to coaching:  OT looks at how a person is physically and cognitively functioning in day to day life usually after some kind of life changing medical complication or injury.  When we look at the role of coaching, the role of o coach is to provide a safe environment for inspired, consistent action to take place that will move a person to towards attaining their goals.  OT’s transition easily into coaching because we are masters at dissecting to the micro step when necessary.  This is valuable in coaching because often projects seem overwhelming and impossible, Changing and adapting / integrating new habits can be tedious and this strength that OT’s have when having to provide a safe, motivating environment for action and change to be accepted.  Knowing what motivates a person, being able to ask the right questions and engage in active listening is essential to connecting to the real desires and challenges a person is experiencing so that they can be receptive and open to modification, change, resources to feel safe and successful to take the smallest step  forward.  Having spent many patient hours overcoming great physical and cognitive obstacles to regain independence is optimal skill for coaching.   (ok 23 minutes)..

Tell me about Meditation practice:  I show people how to clear their and restore their energy through a meditation practice.  I developed incorporating principles and disciplines that I have used in my OT practice and other meditation practice.  I have been offering this program at the West End Library for 3 years and it has really taken off and evolved.  It is one of best attended programs for a branch library for Adults.  I started after completing my first Transformation Coaching Program .  I really didn’t know what I was going to do with it.  I had experience with meditation for pain.  I used this often with my patients to reduce pain and anxiety with disability and inability to move and care for themselves.  Having to adapt to loss of independence and trust and ask for help from caregivers.  So I brought it to community level where I could give back to the community and build a name for myself:  (Ok time up 31 minutes) I feel good.  It went fast.  This is not what expected to write about today.  It helped t pretend to interview myself.  Maybe I could turn this into video.

Polly’s 30 minute a day writing challenge

This is the post excerpt.

This is my 30 minute a day writing challenge.  I am doing this to grow a new habit and discipline around developing content for video, landing pages, funnel, and website.  This is very daunting and overwhelming endeavor.  I can do the coaching part it is this other stuff that really makes me feel like I am in quicksand….I strangled   I thought if I gave myself a challenge to create a new habit inch by inch I would eventually gain clarity, certainty, and confidence around the kind of Coaching Membership sites I want to  promote.  I plan to blog my 30 minute writing experiment daily to see where it takes me and what ideas emerge.

First blog post