Hardwired for Comfort – A Hiatus

Is it being lazy and lack of commitment stopping from keeping my new writing habit? Or is it something hardwired in my nervous system?

Timer is ticking.  I am sitting here looking through a slice of building out at Boston Harbor with the sun just rising. Wearing my sunglasses because the the sun is coming right through my window onto the lap top.

As you may have noticed I have not logged a 30 minute writing session for over a week.  I did however log into my program so I kept that part of the habit.  I left off somewhere ranting about commitments. That being said it will provide content for other posts but not for today.

About my Hiatus was it about being lazy,  here it comes lack of commitment, being flat out tired, or just resisting taking action or all of the above?  Perhaps all these share some similar elements or common threads.  As I explore deeper into how I am hardwired and how creating new habits is successful and or struggle.  The month of July could have been better named new habit creation month. I started my yoga streaming class, I transitioned from taking the car to work to riding my bike to work.  Another blog coming about that experience and the danger in biking .  Briefly depending where you live and the path you ride to your destination could be hazardous to life.  More to come another Blog (Biking to work – what I did not expect)

So back to making new habits in month of July.  Up leveling my diet out of necessity due to some food sensitivities.  The bottom line here is about taking consistent action in all these areas.  The easiest habits is the bike riding 2 days a week 6 miles each way.  The habit that I thought would be pretty easy was this one.  Just flip up the lap top enjoy the view of the harbor, pu erh tea brewed by my side and the way I go.  It is Sunday morning before work I am ready to write look forward to it actually.  So what is the element of resistance during the week and doing it everyday just for a few minutes.  I have identified I enjoy it?  So why not do it daily for 30 minutes?  Maybe that is not the right question.  Lets explore the others.  Am I lazy?  Um a bit of self talk but lets check my belief on a scale of 1-10 how I feel about it right now um 4/10.  Lets test another When I am tired and exhausted I can’t set my mind to do anything 10/10 that has been definitely me this past week.  Lets check the resistance:  I have feeling of resistance when laying down a some habits like this that require my attention every day 8/10.  I have to drill into that one for some more specifics.  Getting somewhere around how my nervous systems is hardwired around setting down new habits how some are easier and others more of a struggle.

The nervous system Fight Flight Flee response is very much hard wired to protect us.  If we look at what taking action represents from an cave man perspective taking action every day was a life threatening ordeal.  One did not have a lot resources for the comfort and ease of living today.  The caveman did not have to do battle in a overly crowded grocery market fighting at who is next at the meat and fish counter or over the asparagus and brusselsprouts. No he had to worry if his food source was going to show up and the risk that it could kill him.  Let alone no creature comforts like heat and air conditioning when the weather turns nasty. and certainly no ready made shower or bubble bath to restore tired muscles from the hunt.  Or things like worrying and checking in with all his devices, pages, postings, paying bills, and making sure the pool got cleaned, and the laundry gets done.  All things we take action in our everyday lives however when comes to taking and creating a better lifestyle or work habit it interesting how my cave woman wants throw up her hand and say back off.  Because that is essentially what I am saying to myself.  No I don’t want to do another freaking habit.  I don’t care if it is good for me or my work productivity.  Stop trying to fix what isn’t broken! You are always trying to upend  the comfort zone here with these new habits. AH THERE IT IS THE COMFORT ZONE.  I AM DISRUPTING THE COMFORT ZONE IN MY NERVOUS SYSTEM SOME ACTIONS NEW HABITS ARE A  DISRUPTION  AN EARTHQUAKE TO MY COMFORT. Times up part of the deal is set the timer and stop when the timer says so.